Omo Omo™ Lamb Cat Tree
Omo Omo™ Lamb Cat Tree
Omo Omo™ Lamb Cat Tree

Omo Omo™ Lamb Cat Tree

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  • Irresistibly Soft Fabric: Crafted with plush crystal velvet for ultimate comfort, ensuring your cat will love lounging and playing on it.

  • Interactive Lamb Tail Teaser Ball: Shakes when touched to captivate your cat's attention and double the fun.

  • Sturdy and Safe Design: Features a thick, stable base with quality boards and rounded edges, providing a secure and stable environment for climbing and playing.

  • Durable and Scratch-Resistant: Made with high-quality natural sisal rope that resists scratching and shedding, complemented by a velvet-covered arched tunnel that prevents scratches and offers a secure play space.
  • Crystal Velvet: Soft and cozy fabric.
  • Natural Sisal Rope: Durable and scratch-resistant material.
  • Quality Boards: Strong and stable foundation.
  • Polyester Fiber: Long-lasting and comfortable plush material.
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Unlock Unlimited Bliss for Your Feline Friend!

Ultimate Comfort Cat Playground

Provide your cat with the ultimate comfort and entertainment with our premium playground. Featuring irresistibly soft crystal velvet fabric, it offers a cozy lounging experience. The interactive lamb tail teaser ball shakes to capture your cat's attention and double the fun. With a thick, stable base and rounded edges for safety, this playground is perfect for climbing and playing.

Stimulating and Cozy Environment

Create a stimulating and cozy environment for your feline friend with our thoughtfully designed cat playground. The semi-enclosed tunnel design provides a snug and secure space, while the mystery tree hole and lamb back holes spark your cat's curiosity and exploration instincts. Made with durable polyester fiber, this playground combines fun, comfort, and safety for your beloved pet.

Durable and Secure Play Area

Ensure your cat's playtime is safe and enjoyable with our durable and secure cat playground. Crafted with high-quality natural sisal rope, it resists scratching and shedding, maintaining its integrity over time. The velvet-covered arched tunnel is meticulously finished to prevent scratches, offering a secure play space. The thick, stable base and quality boards provide a solid foundation for all activities.

Crafted details

Soft and Comfortable Fabric

Velvet-covered Arched Tunnel

Fun Tail Cat Teaser Ball

Selected Natural Sisal Rope

Sturdy, Rounded-Edge Base


Certainly! You can absolutely order individual replacement parts. Simply contact our dedicated customer service team with your specific needs, and they'll gladly lend you a hand.

We suggest this cat tree for cats weighing no more than 12 pounds.

Absolutely! Comprehensive installation instructions are included with the packaging, and you can also find helpful installation videos on our YouTube channel for additional guidance.

We suggest using a lint roller to eliminate surface fur.

Placing this cat tree outdoors is not advised to prevent potential damage caused by prolonged exposure to moisture and sunlight.


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